The ceremony was the most important part to us. We wanted our guests to truly feel the love. We asked my aunt to help write the ceremony service, including special touches throughout to make the ceremony personal and unique. We also wanted it to be focused on what matters most to us  so we wrote our own vows, while still reciting some of the traditional ones and also included a reading from Fred’s little sister. One fun fact about our ceremony is that we asked the officiant, a friend of ours, to wear a Go-Pro chest piece. We were able to get a close up look of the emotions and reactions during the ceremony giving us a view that not many get to see in their wedding video.

Our ultimate goal for the reception was to have unique, tasty food and for everyone to enjoy the night. We wanted to think outside of the box, while still maintaining a reasonable cost. We hired a band/DJ combination so that all ages would be able to enjoy and dance the night away. Johnny & Kelly did a fabulous job of combining traditional and new songs while still keeping the party going. We hired a wood fire pizza company to entertain all of our guests with their culinary delights! The menu consisted of pre ceremony appetizers, post-ceremony appetizers, Caesar salad, 5 artisan style pizzas, and a pasta station with assorted sauces and ingredients. A huge thanks to Paul’s Rustic Oven for the amazing experience. Dessert, provided by Corner Space Cakes, was a treat! They provided us with various cakes and bites for all to enjoy. The cakes consisted of a traditional carrot cake, German chocolate cake, a “naked” strawberry champagne cake, and our all-time childhood favorite, a Funfetti cake. Photos of some of the treats can be found on our previous post, The Vision. The guests were also able to enjoy chocolate covered strawberries and homemade doughnut holes.

Overall, the night was everything I had dreamed of. The market lighting set up by JCD Atmospheric Design, the unforgettable view, and the gorgeous sunset made for a romantic and elegant evening. It truly was an unforgettable night under the stars. I am so thankful to have those memories captured forever.

I always mention how important it is to hire a professional wedding videographer to every bride I work with. The brides who did not follow my suggestion have always come back and  expressed to me that this was their biggest regret. Of course, there was no question when it came to my wedding. We were fortunate that our photographer was able to do the videography for us as well (Trulight Photography no longer offers videography but are still available for photography). To experience the photos is a wonderful thing, but having a video allows us to relive the day. We felt the emotion of the day; the tears, the happiness, the love, and of course the fun. It is something we will truly cherish forever and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t watched it many times since I received it. I hope you love it as much as we did!

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