About Us

Welcome to The Detailed Look where we share our do’s and how to’s for living a detail inspired life. We both have full time jobs but we have so many ideas and so much creative energy that we decided what better outlet than to start a blog! We will be covering a little bit of everything, from products we love to events we plan. We are not self-proclaimed experts by any means but we are known to be ambitious, focused and result driven with an eye for detail. Friends and family would probably accuse us of obsessing over the the details. But the truth is we are just two wide-eyed girls that see possibility everywhere! We hope The Detailed Look becomes a source of inspiration for your everyday life. Happy reading!


Ashley is your go to girl for party planning. Friends, family and co-workers turn to her to make things happen and she never disappoints! With over 8 years of experience as an event coordinator in the wedding industry she offers both passion and expertise. Ashley’s creativity, organization and concentration on the little details makes each project she is doing unique and one of a kind.


Beatriz is well-known for her craftiness and creativity. She is more often than not busy with some kind of DIY project. She loves staying busy and is a pro at multi-tasking and organizing. Her past experience includes marketing coordination, magazine coordination and event planning. Her eyes light up with every new project that comes her way. Her enthusiasm and eye for design are hard to match.