Ashley and I love to stay busy. For us, the busier we are, the more organized and task oriented we are. It feels like we are always on the go, never slowing down, so we wanted to share how we stay organized through all of the chaos!

First, we absolutely recommend that any woman on the go should have a tote, backpack or some kind of work bag. As you continue to read you’ll realize you’ll need it! I am currently using a canvas tote and Ashley, the Deux Lux backpack. Its so fun to get seasonal bags and since it is not something you carry with you every moment, there is a lot more flexibility to go with a bold pattern or color that you may not generally choose for your every day purse.

Next, get yourself a planner that you can take everywhere! We take ours wherever we go! I personally prefer handwriting things down but you can also take full advantage of your smartphone if your prefer the tech route. I’m currently using the Kate Spade 2015 planner and I love it! If you are interested in the tech route, I suggest Mint, Wunderlist and Taasky. They are great apps to increase your productivity!


A notebook is key and probably even more important than anything I have listed so far. We are constantly writing down notes for The Detailed Look whether it be for an event we are planning or ideas we are brainstorming. When your mind has a creative thought process going, you do not want to forget. It’s so important to write your thoughts down, even if it is just a quick reminder. The worst feeling is coming up with a key idea and forgetting it a few days later. When we can’t stop to write things down, we will jump on the phone and have someone else write it for us. Ashley and I are also big fans of to do lists so we need our notebooks on hand at all times to keep checking things off and tracking our progress. One thing that Ashley does is make new to do lists each day. If you did not accomplish all of the tasks the previous day, it is so much easier to look at a clean, new, organized to do list to get started. Sugar Paper has a great collection of notebooks we highly reccomend!


Sticky notes are also a must! And not the boring yellow ones. We try to use only vibrant colors because truthfully they just make us happier. Do you see a trend yet? We have always had an obsessions with pretty office supplies and believe they are more motivational. We are more happy to use them and therefore use them more often!

This one might be silly but find a favorite pen and buy several! Sure any writing utensil will do but when you find that perfect match you won’t settle for anything else. Penmanship is more precise and “prettier” with a perfect pen. My choice is the Pentel R.S.V.P. pens so I keep one in my tote, purse and keep several at my desk at home and work.

Another organizing tool both Ashley and I use is Evernote Premium! It is the best app/website for any business partners, classmates or any group working on an ongoing project. We constantly share information and photos regarding The Detailed Look. We both can check in at any moment of the day no matter the distance and stay up to date on important projects. It is a great organizational tool because you can have numerous projects going in electronic “notebooks” to stay organized.


As business partners, Ashley and I discuss all matters bright and early in the morning. We try to hit the ground running to avoid afternoon slumps. We take full advantage of mornings because that is when we feel most creative. We also set tasks for each other to accomplish for that day. We work 8-5 jobs and balance The Detailed Look as another top priority. It definitely feels like we work 14-16 hour days sometimes but thank goodness we are both organized and can survive on minimal sleep! The key to success is to stay passionate about what you working on and to have someone keep you accountable!

One tip, as simple as it seems, is to keep your desk as clear and organized as possible so clutter doesn’t overwhelm your mind. A clean space really does increase your productivity. I love knowing where everything is and that everything has its own place. Sometimes when my desk gets crazy I stop what I’m doing and tidy up. Takes a couple minutes but makes a world of difference.


The last piece of advice to start being more organized and productive is to set goals for yourself. When you have a specific outcome in mind you work towards it with more focus. Write them down and visualize them! Also, share your goals with others for support and accountability. Both will keep you motivated and on track.

We hope these tips help you be the most successful and organized woman on the go. Please feel free to share any organization tips and keys to success you may have!

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